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GLAVIVA • Sounddesign & Musikproduktion • LC30611

GLAVIVA Sounddesign & Musikproduktion • Sertürnerstraße 18a • D-33104 Paderborn - Germany

Established in 2005 by Wolfgang "Wolfo" Dehmel, GLAVIVA is one of the top addresses for sophisticated solutions in the fields of sound design and exquisite
graphical cover artwork.

Our latest CD „The Way To Win“ is inspired by
the Ukraine war and our sadness about that.

„The Way To Win“ was created as a rocking anthem
full of motivation for standing together and fighting
for love and democracy.

The song encourages to sing along with it -
an anthem featuring the singer crying out loud.

„The Way To Win“ is intended to be an international
anthem against imperialism for all people on this planet.

With love - JENNY & WOLFO

Performing artists on „The Way To Win“:


Jenny (Jennifer Otto) with her beautiful genuine voice spent the last
15 years perfecting her unbelievable talent and skills with professional
vocal training in the genres of blues-rock, classical and popular music.

Jenny underlines „WOLFO & friends“ with a unique, emotionally
rousing vocal expression which is absolutely peerless.

Jenny • Jennifer Otto


Born 1960 in Hagen, WOLFO (Wolfgang Dehmel) grew up in company
with many other musicians from this region who are nowadays
well known in Germany (e.g. Nena, Extrabreit, Grobschnitt etc.).

After winning the „Bundesrockmusikpreis“ in 1978 as the lead guitarist
of his band at this time, he has been part in a plenty of recording-sessions.

By now WOLFO looks back on 40 years of musical experience
in different genres with many renowned artists.

Based on this extensive knowledge WOLFO played all of the
instruments himself on the necessary tracks for „The Way To Win“.

„The Way To Win“ was recorded, mixed and mastered by WOLFO
at his „GLAVIVA Sound Design Studio“ in Paderborn / Germany.

Musical genres of WOLFO & JENNY's • „The Way To Win“:
Rock Pop - Power Ballad - International R&B - Anthem - Hymn
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                                      Tel: +49 (0) 5254 605 65 • E-Mail: dehmelädglaviva.eu
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                                      WOLFO Gemaelde • Wolfos Selbstbildnis: Wolfo Under The Cope Of Heaven • Portrait by friends of WOLFOS


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Wolfo & Friends - The Way To Win - iTunes Music Store Wolfo & Friends - The Way To Win - Amazon CD-Store + MP3 Download
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